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joustinglance asked:

hi! i just wanted to say your art is really excellent and your ACNL town is radical!! everything is so fancy and man, usually i run through flowers in dreamtowns but everything was too pretty for me to want to! (also holla for the homestuck)

Oh! <3 Thank you so much! :D
I’m so glad you liked my gardens, they’re the town’s pride and joy~
(holla!and a silent prayer for the waiting to end soon)


Anonymous asked:

I passed by you in Halifax recently and am currently in your ac:nl town. It's beautiful, as is your art. -Jilldo

Hah! That’s awesome! <3 It makes me happy~ ^_^ Thanks so much!!! :D

Well I’m done with the LABOR INTENSIVE 7-week long summer semester… what on earth was I thinking when I took  three classes?

Oh well, my suffering is over now and I can rest my brain for a bit… until the fall semester starts up.

This was my final project for my Art History: History of Graphic Novels
We got to make a comic, so that’s rad. I only did an intro segment, but I think it’d be nice to finish my whole story. It’s a horrid tale that I need to share with the world!

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