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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything! I’ve been so busy with coursework and workwork~

But it’s summer now and I’m not taking any summer sessions, just working at my job and using my free time to do fun and interesting things!

Currently I’ve venturing out of my normal mediums and working with someone to make a videogame! I’m so very excited about the whole thing!
The process is so different from what I’m used to, it’s really hard trying something new and being the inexperienced person that’s working super slow because I don’t know what on earth I’m doing - {At least I’m not doing the programming}
But it’s fun to learn new things and try to improve~

joustinglance asked:

hi! i just wanted to say your art is really excellent and your ACNL town is radical!! everything is so fancy and man, usually i run through flowers in dreamtowns but everything was too pretty for me to want to! (also holla for the homestuck)

Oh! <3 Thank you so much! :D
I’m so glad you liked my gardens, they’re the town’s pride and joy~
(holla!and a silent prayer for the waiting to end soon)


Anonymous asked:

I passed by you in Halifax recently and am currently in your ac:nl town. It's beautiful, as is your art. -Jilldo

Hah! That’s awesome! <3 It makes me happy~ ^_^ Thanks so much!!! :D

Well I’m done with the LABOR INTENSIVE 7-week long summer semester… what on earth was I thinking when I took  three classes?

Oh well, my suffering is over now and I can rest my brain for a bit… until the fall semester starts up.

This was my final project for my Art History: History of Graphic Novels
We got to make a comic, so that’s rad. I only did an intro segment, but I think it’d be nice to finish my whole story. It’s a horrid tale that I need to share with the world!

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